Dr. Bezad Moghadam with years of experience and membership in a variety of councils and committees,

provides consulting and therapeutic services as a pediatrician and neonatologist.

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Several studies have been done to investigate the effects of nutrition and disease on child growth and adult health. Some factors such as birth weight, breastfeeding and so on have been considered as effective factors. In addition, the WHO Child Growth Standards will help monitor and assess the nutritional status of infants and children. This standards will work as a diagnostic tool to assess unhealthy trends. A part of Dr. Bezad Moghadam, pediatrician and neonatologist, services are children nutrition, growth, diseases and vaccination.

About Dr.Moghadam

Dr. Bezad Moghadam as a pediatrician and neonatologist and with outstanding experiences in medical centers management, have some major goals:

Providing expert consultation on children and infants’ diseases
Improving the quality of services provided in hospitals and medical centers
Equipping hospitals with advanced and efficient equipment purposefully
Standardizing hospitals in international levels

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New Treatment for Brittle Bone Disease

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Sleep tips for 1-11 months infants

For newborns, sleep during the early months occurs around the clock and the sleep-wake cycle […]
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Join 2,000 Pediatric and Infectious Disease specialists at the 8th World Congress on Pediatric Infectious […]