Sleep tips for 1-11 months infants نکاتی در مورد خواب نوزادان ۱ تا ۱۱ ماهه
Sleep tips for 1-11 months infants


WSPID 2013 Congress کنگره جهانی بیماری‌های عفونی کودکان

WSPID 2013 Congress

Join 2,000 Pediatric and Infectious Disease specialists at the 8th World Congress on Pediatric Infectious Diseases in Cape Town, South Africa, November 19-22, 2013.

The conference provides specialists a world forum for sharing the latest knowledge and receiving updates on the treatment and prevention of pediatric infectious diseases. Organized by the World Society for Pediatric Infectious Diseases (WSPID), this biennial congress is the largest gathering of its kind.

Participants will receive a fully comprehensive scientific program featuring internationally renowned experts, sponsored and plenary symposia, free papers, poster sessions, and networking opportunities.


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